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The Company values each user’s privacy, and will collect, use, process, and protect your personal data in accordance with the following privacy policy (hereinafter referred to as “the policy”) and laws and regulations related to personal data protection. In order to protect your interests and rights, the Company also hopes that you will read the following statement carefully before accessing the GeForce NOW service (hereinafter referred to as “the Service”) and comply with the statement strictly:

I. Scope of application for the Policy
1. The contents of the Policy include how the Company processes identification data collected by the Company from users when they access the Site service (hereinafter referred to as the “Service”), do online shopping, apply for enrollment in the activities on the Site, and register their membership for the Service, and how the Company processes any identification data shared by its business partners in cooperation with the Company.
2. The Policy is only applicable to the Service. If you click a link or advertisement connecting to a third party’s website to visit the website or webpage, you shall follow the privacy policy adopted by the website or webpage operator, while the Company has nothing to do with it. Before accessing the Service, you shall confirm that you can strictly comply with the Policy. If you disagree with the Policy, in whole or in part, please do not access the Service.

II. Collection of data
1.The data is collected in order to verify the identity of users whose information is accessed by the Company on the Site and to provide various services. Please refer to the following:

    (1) When you access the Service, purchase monthly rented services online, browse the Site’s webpages, enroll in the Service membership, subscribe for news about the Service, feedback your opinions, participate in any promotional programs and bonus games, subscribe to products/services related to the Service, or access other websites’ services, the Company will ask you to provide your personal data, including but not limited to, name, age, gender, mailing address of invoice, email address, and telephone number, or the personal data you agree that the Company may collect for the purpose of provision of the Service, when you are registering, or subsequently.
    (2)The Service will retain said data provided by you, and the related logs generated on the system when you are browsing, searching, or accessing services on the Site, including IP address, access hours, browser, and website history.
    (3) If you access Facebook or any other social network services, the Service might post certain information about the Service on your social network activity pages via the related social network service system design, upon receipt of your approval. If you disagree with the release of such information, please do not click the “Agree” button, or please remove the information or reject the Service’s ability to post related messages via the membership mechanism of the service network afterwards. Should you have any questions, please contact the Company. The Company will help you confirm and solve your questions.
2. Personal data disclosure notice
    (1) Name of the non-governmental agency: Taiwan Mobile Co., Ltd.
    (2) Purpose of collection: 040/Marketing, 063/ Non-government agency collection or processing personal information under legal obligations, 067/Credit card, cash card, debit card or electronic value-stored card business, 069/Contract, contract-like, or other legal relation matters, 072/Policy advertising, 077/Booking, lodging registration, and ticket master business, 081/Legal transaction business for personal data, 090/Consumer, Customer Management and Service, 104/Account management and debt trading business, 129/Accounting and related Services, 133/Operating telecommunication and value-added telecom network business, 135/Information (Communication) Services, 136/Information (Communication) and database Management, 137/Information and Communication Security and Management, 148/Internet shopping and other electronic commerce services, 152/Advertisement or commercial behavior administration, 153/Movie, television, music, and media administration, 154/Credit investigation, 157/Investigation, statistics, and research analysis, 181/Other business operation in accordance with the business registration scope or articles of association, 182/Other Consulting and Consultant Services and any other specific purposes published by the competent authority.
    (3) Category of personal data: Subject to the public notice made by the competent authority (including but not limited to, the user's personal data entered and posted on the Site, etc.).
    (4) Time period, territory, recipients, and methods of which the personal data is used:

        A. Time period: During the operation of Taiwan Mobile Co., Ltd.
        B. Territory: Inside/outside the territories of the R.O.C. (unless prohibited by the competent authority)
        C. Recipients: Taiwan Mobile Co., Ltd., and affiliated companies and contractors of Taiwan Mobile Co., Ltd., that are contracted by, or cooperate or deal in business with Taiwan Mobile Co., Ltd.
        D. Methods: In line with the scope required by laws and regulations.

    (5) Users may exercise their rights to make an inquiry of, request a copy of, or supplement or correct, their personal data under Article 3 of the Personal Data Protection Act, in the manner and with the charges under laws and regulations and the related requirements of Taiwan Mobile Co., Ltd.
    (6) Users may choose to provide their data at their sole discretion (unless required by laws). Notwithstanding, if they don't provide the data, it will impossible for the Company to conduct the necessary review and operations and, therefore, the application for the Service or completeness of the Service might be affected.

III. Protection of data
1. The Company will store your personal data in its data storage system completely, and take strict protection measures to prevent any personnel from accessing the data without authorization. The Company's personnel have undergone complete confidentiality training, and fully understood that maintenance of the confidentiality of user data is a basic responsibility. Any of them who violate the confidentiality obligation will be punished pursuant to laws and the Company's internal rules.
2. The Company strongly recommends all users not to disclose their personal account details to any third party. The Company will never contact users via the telephone number or email provided by users. Notwithstanding, if users decide to provide their personal account details to a third party, they need to bear the liability toward disclosure of the data, if any.
3. The Company employs the dedicated information security personnel, who will be responsible for monitoring and ensuring that all behaviors via its Site are legal, and all users’ information will be strictly protected. Notwithstanding, as it is impossible to ensure that the information transmission or shopping transactions online are 100% safe, the Company cannot ensure the safety of all users’ communication of information or shopping transactions via the Site. All users shall bear the risks regarding online information transmission and shopping transactions on their own when accessing the products or services on the Site.
4. If it is necessary for the Company to contract a third party to provide the Service for business needs, the Company will strictly demand that the contracted third party should comply with the obligation of confidentiality, and will take necessary actions to verify the contracted third party's compliance with the requirements.

IV. Use of data
1. If, in order to provide you with more services or preferential programs, the Company wishes to make your personal data available to the Company’s excellent business partners or contractors whenever it is necessary, the Company will provide sufficient explanation of the activity, and you may choose to accept the specific services or preferential programs at your sole discretion.
2. The Company will use your personal data, insofar as it is required by the Policy, GeForce NOW service terms and conditions, the specific purposes for which the Company collects the personal data, and related laws and regulations.
3. Unless with your prior consent or otherwise provided by laws and regulations, the Company will not disclose your personal data to any third party or use the same for any purposes other than the specific purposes for which the Company collects the personal data.

V. Use of links
The Policy is only applicable to the Service. Notwithstanding, the Service might provide links to any other websites. You may access the other websites via the links provided by the Company. Nonetheless, the Company provides no protection of your privacy on the linked website. Therefore, if you visit another website or webpage, you shall follow the privacy policy adopted by the website or webpage operator, while the Company has nothing to do with it.

VI. License and amendments to the personal data
1. Your agreement to join the Site shall constitute your agreement to the membership. That is,

    (1) You agree to receive any emails related to the products or services provided by the Company, which might contain the service descriptions, account management information, e-news, notice for the order, messages about marketing activities/preferential programs, and advertisements, etc. If you disagree with receiving, or ask to stop the service of any messages about marketing and preferential programs related to the Service, please inform the Company via the online customer service email. The Company's customer service attendants will process your request promptly.
    (2) You agree and authorize the Company to execute the specific steps required by the Service via the active Facebook account registered by you legally.

2. When you find any personal data required to be modified, you may, after passing the identity verification, amend or correct the data via the service channels provided by the Site, in order to protect your personal interests and rights.
3. You have the right to access the Site to add, amend, or correct the personal data stored by you on the Site at any time.
4. If you need to delete your personal data recorded by the Site, you shall notify the Company and terminate your access to the Service, provided that if the Company may retain the data with justified reasons pursuant to laws, it will continue to retain the data.

VII. Use of Cookies
In order to provide you with more perfect personal services and help following identification, when you access the Service, the Company might set and access Cookies to record and analyze the user’s behavior. Such system may identify users, e.g. execution of different actions subject to the specific data you prefer. You may decide whether the use of Cookies should be permitted by setting your PC or mobile device. Notwithstanding, if you shut down Cookies, some inconvenience or limited functioning might arise when you are accessing the Service.

VIII. Amendments to the Policy
The Policy will be amended from time to time, if necessary, in order to practice the intent of protecting users’ privacy. Amended terms and conditions will be disclosed on the Site and effective from the date of disclosure without separate notice. Should you have any questions, please contact the Company via the online customer service email. The Company's customer service attendants will provide you with a complete explanation promptly.

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